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January 1, 2007

1. Can Nancy Pelosi establish herself as an effective leader?

2. Is Windows Vista worth all of Microsoft's hype?

3. Will the new Congress enact strict net neutrality regulations?

4. Was Saddam Hussein railroaded to the executioners' noose?

5. Who was the real person of the year?

6. Can President Bush ever regain favor with the American people?

7. How will the relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States change after Tony Blair leaves office?

8. Can the United States and Europe succeed in ending the Iran's nuclear ambitions?

9. Can the suspicious death of Alexander Litvinenko change the political climate in Russia?

10. Is Microsoft's Zune a failure?

11. Who will win the battle between HD-DVD and Bluray?

12. Should pillaged art be repatriated?

13. Can Mexico figure a way to balance the federal budget?

14. How should the US Congress reduce deficit spending?

15. Can John McCain become President despite the unpopularity of some of his positions?