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January 3, 2005

1. Privatizing Social Security: Necessary reform or risky gamble?

2. Are the critics of Donald Rumsfeld right?

3. Does the FDA need to more vigorously study drug side effects?

4. Was the resignation of David Blunkett a setback for Tony Blair?

5. Can driver's license reform withstand criticism that the proponents are exaggerating the ties to 9/11?

6. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger right that GOP should move to the left to gain votes?

7. Should the Democratic Party loosen their stance on abortion?

8. Has the US government provided enough aid for tsunami victims?

9. Did Ebay's snubbing of Microsoft's Passport service derail Microsoft's plans?

10. Can Russian-Ukrainian relations be fixed after the controversial elections?

11. Will NASA be able to rebuild its reputation in 2005?

12. What should be done to deal with obesity in American children?

13. Should a city be allowed to have religious symbols on their official seal?

14. Is there any hope for fighting phishing?

15. Do software copyrights last too long?

16. What was the biggest story of 2004?

17. Can the Sudanese government implement a peace deal?

18. Can any retailer challenge Wal-mart?

19. Will Iraqi elections end any of Iraq's problems?

20. Can Mahmoud Abbas succeed at creating a Palestinian state?

21. Will Basque separatists ever get their own country?

22. Was the rebellion in Peru a precursor to political revolution?

23. Was the recount in Ohio a waste of money?

24. Can Arnold Schwarzenegger turn California towards the GOP in 2006?

25. What effect will the tsunami have on the Southeast Asia economy?