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January 9, 2006

1. Who will replace Tom Delay as House Majority Leader?

2. What effect does the absence of Sharon have on the peace process with the Palestinians?

3. Should tax exempt bonds help rebuild casinos in New Orleans? 

4. Will the departure of David Kennedy from the UK's Liberal Democrats help them remake their image?

5. Can Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador overcome the PRI to take the Mexican presidency?

6. Will Samuel Alito's nomination be able to overcome threats of a filibuster?

7. Will Ayatollah Ali Khamenei prevent President Ahmadinejad from consolidating power?

8. Can Lynn Swann outmaneuver his opponents on the field to the Pennsylvania governorship?

9. Can Gingrich help reform Washington?

10. Is Obasanjo looking to become a dictator over Nigeria?

11. Will the deaths of miners in Tallmansville, West Virginia push the automation of mining?

12. Will the issues of executive power dominate the nomination hearing for Samuel Alito?

13. Can the Google Video Store challenge iTunes?

14. Will the Sydney summit result in an American alternative to the Kyoto Protocol?

15. Is the decision to allow the Kurdish language broadcast a sign of increasing tolerance of the Kurds?