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January 24th, 2005

1. National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska: Should the US expand drilling in this area?

2. When will the Nasdaq hit 5000?

3. Will national security concerns kill the IBM-Lenovo Deal?

4. Is George W Bush the 21st century Woodrow Wilson?

5. Should Iraqi expatriates be allowed to vote in Iraq elections?

6. Will Ward Connerly be replaced on the UC board of Regents by someone who is an outspoken opponent of affirmative action?

7. Should the US negotiate with terrorists?

8. 60 years since the end of the Holocaust: Is the world any less tolerant of genocide?

9. Does Michael Chertoff have what it take to be Secretary of Homeland Security?

10. Is it time to revisit the Bush administration's policy on stem cell research?

11. Can Iraq overcome threats of violence and have a legitimate election?

12. Will secular and nonsectarian voters be an important bloc in Iraqi elections?

13. Is Europe Al-Qaida's new Front?

14. Is governmental bureaucracy slowing tsunami relief efforts?

15. Can Yushchenko improve strained ties with Russia?