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January 31th, 2005

1. Was the Iraqi election a success?

2. Has the State Department's "Rewards for Justice" program made any difference in the war against terror?

3. Is Norm Coleman a rising star in the GOP?

4. How long will it take for tourism to recover in Thailand?

5. Is the DNC keen on Dean?

6. Could the return of Martina Hingis revitalize women's tennis?

7. Will Sharon and Abbas be able to make progress towards a lastin peace?

8. Will direct flights between China and Taiwan help bridge the gap between them?

9. The Gillette-Proctor and Gamble Merger: Will it bring higher prices?

10. Will Jeb Bush run for president in 2008?

11. Is Amazon's A9 becoming a major player in the internet search market?

12. Has the UN lost all credibility on the conflict in Darfur?

13. Has Iraqi corruption become systemic?

14. Is a zero tolerance policy the wave of the future in American business?

15. Who is the most influential evangelical Christian in the United States?