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February 7th, 2005

1. Can Condoleeza Rice rebuild relations with Europe?

2. Is Alberto Gonzalez going to be less controversial than John Ashcroft?

3. Did Bush make the right decision by not letting Rumsfeld resign?

4. Can Ask Jeeves compete in the search engine market?

5. Is the Bush administration's proposed 2006 budget austere or draconian?

6. Is the scheduled demise of the Hubble Space Telescope a good idea?

7. Can the US Dollar continue its rebound against the Euro?

8. Will Yuliya Tymoshenko be Viktor Yushchenko's Iron Lady?

9. Has Togo undergone a military coup?

10. What effect would the retirement of the Pope have upon the Catholic Church?

11. Will ties between Turkey in the US be strained because of the elections in Iraq?

12. Are Iraqi authorities right to broadcast pictures of 'insurgents'?

13. Should citizen groups aid US border patrol agents?

14. Will efforts to curb immigration help or hurt Tony Blair in upcoming elections?

15. Will democracy be restored in Nepal in the near future?