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February 14th, 2005

1. Will the the Iraqi National Assembly be able govern despite low Sunni turnout?

2. Can Dean give the Democrats a winner?

3. Was firing Carly Fiorina a good idea?

4. Can Tony Blair achieve a third term in office?

5. Will the assassination of Rafik Hariri inflame tensions between Lebanon and Syria?

6. Is Bush slaughtering a sacred cow by going after farm subsidies?

7. Will the new Iraqi government be stable?

8. Should International Criminal Court Have Jurisdiction Over Darfur Atrocities?

9. Does the discovery of a new retroviral resistant variant of AIDS pose a substantial public health threat?

10. Will Mexican prosecutors convict Luis Echeverria for the "Corpus Christi massacre"?

11. Would subdividing Sudan bring peace to the region?

12. Can the Bush administration convince the Congress to extend expiring provisions of the USA Patriot Act?

13. How important have bloggers became to the news industry?

14. Should class action lawsuits be handled in federal courts?

15. How should the United States react to North Korea's nuclear weapons program?