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February 21st, 2005

1. Can the EU stop software patents?

2. Is John Negroponte a qualified choice for National Director of Intelligence?

3. Has Wikipedia became the new library of the 21st century?

4. Has the transcript of Lawrence Summers remarks silenced his critics?

5. Does the New York Times have anything to gain from buying About.com?

6. Does anyone care that the NHL season was cancelled?

7. Will the results of Spanish referendum on the EU constitution encourage other member states to hold plebiscites?

8. Will lax enforcement of immigration laws force Joschka Fisher to resign?

9. Does Ahmed Chalabi have the support necessary to become prime minister?

10. Will the new senate be any more willing to approve Bush's judicial nominees?

11. Are worsening relations with Venezuela jeopardizing U.S. access to Venezuelan oil?

12. Does Bush have what it takes to charm European leaders?

13. Does the withdrawal of settlers from the Gaza strip a meaningful step towards peace?

14. Will the imposition of cash fines on Sinn Féin encourage more money laundering?

15. Does Lula have the political will to enforce the crackdown on illegal logging in the Amazon?