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February 28th, 2005

1. Will the new NCAA Academic Progress Rate system get student athletes to focus more academics?

2. Does the reluctance of Canada to cooperate with the US on missile defense imperil the program?

3. Traditional Department Stores: Are they destined to join the Sears catalog in retail history?

4. Can CAN SPAM can spim?

5. Does the handover of Saddam's half brother, Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hasan al-Tikriti, a harbinger of further cooperation with Iraq?

6. Will a Russian agreement to sell nuclear material to Iran encourage nuclear proliferation?

7. Should government agencies end outsourcing of data collection?

8. Are Bush's proposed expansion of No Child Left Behind DOA?

9. Could Martha Stewart Be CEO Again?

10. Are attacks by USA Next challenging AARP helping divide senior citizen views on Social Security?

11. What type of prime minister will Ibrahim Jafari be?

12. Has enough been done to quell violence in the Congolese district of Ituri ?

13. Does the resignation of the Pro Syrian government of Lebanon ensure autonomy?

14. Will the suicide bombing in Hilla aggravate tensions between the insurgents and the Iraqi government?

15. Will US opposition to abortion rights at the UN Women's Conference further alienate it's allies?