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March 1, 2004

1. Has the United States done enough to deal with the rebellion in Haiti?

2. Should gasoline prices in the United States increase?

3. Did the UFCW strike in southern California achieve its goals?

4. Is sending National Guard soldiers to Iraq a good idea

5. Should Microsoft be liable for the Netsky mail worm?

6. Is the US Senate justified in overturning Washington DC's tough anti-gun laws?

7. Will gun control be a major issue in the 2004 presidential campaign?

8. Has Tom Ridge done a good job as Secretary of Homeland Security?

9. Was the California Supreme Court justified in requiring a Catholic charity to offer prescription contraceptive coverage?

10. How were Arnold Schwarzenegger's first 100 days as governor?

11. Has the University of Colorado responded properly to sexual misconduct charges?

12. Should Diebold voting machines be used for voting in this fall's election?

13. Can the recall of Hugo Chavez fix the problems of Venezuela?

14. How should France deal with its large deficit?

15. 50 years after Bikini Atoll:  Has enough been done towards nuclear non-proliferation?

16. Can Afghanistan hold elections this year?

17. Is France's ban on religious attire justified?

18. Should Japan amend its constitution to allow for an offensive military?

19. Can Peru negotiate access to the Pacific Ocean?

20. Will there be any progress this year on peace in Sri Lanka?

21. What has Gerhard Schroeder's legacy been?

22. Is the Japanese economy ready for recovery?

23. Was Rod Paige justified in calling the NEA a terrorist organization?

24. How should the cost of college tuition be dealt with?

25. Should Congress heed Allan Greenspan's advice for Social Security cuts?