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March 8, 2004

1. Are charges of war crimes committed by John Kerry during Vietnam viable criticisms?

2. Has Iraq made sufficient progress towards a lasting constitution and democratic government?

3. Was Martha Stewart treated fairly?

4. Was the invalidation of the Eolas patent justified?

5. Can California's economy recover now that the governor's economic recovery plan has been approved?

6. Can a peace agreement in Sri Lanka be forged by a Norwegian peace envoy? 

7. Should the surprise victory of Jörg Haider's Freedom Party a concern for civil libertarians in Austria?

8. Is Hamid Karzai's statements on women voting a concern for women's rights?

9. Should the International Atomic Energy Agency's critical report on Iran's nuclear weapons program cause the US to take action?

10. Can the EU successfully regulate Microsoft's business in Europe?

11. Has enough been done to deal with drug scandals in sports?

12. Has MoveOn.org violated campaign finance laws?

13. Is Hugo suppressing the recall movement?

14. Can the GOP succeed in courting the Latino vote?

15. Can the Log Cabin Republicans break the hold that the Democratic Party has for gay/lesbian voters?