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March 21st, 2005

1. Does the successful prosecution of Bernard Ebbers prove that federal prosecutors are serious about corporate crime?
2. Two years later: Was the Iraq war worth the costs?
3. Should cities such as Los Angeles be allowed to have illegal alien sanctionary policies?
4. Was the decision of President Bush to select Paul Wolfowitz for the World Bank an insult to Europe?
5. Will Kofi Annan's proposed reforms make the UN a more effective organization?
6. Does Michael Griffin have the vision to lead NASA to the stars?
7. Were the congressional hearings on steroids in baseball much ado about nothing?
8. Has Iraqi government created an effective army?
9. Will the end of the 35 hour workweek improve productivity in France?
10. Have the efforts by republican governors to eliminate collective bargaining made a dent in labor unions?
11. Does the admission by Condoleezza Rice that the US has neglected Afghanistan mean that the US will dedicate more resources to the country?
12. Does the review of 30 long time asylum seekers demonstrate a change in Australian immigration policy?
13. The EU Constitution: Will the French say "non"?
14. Does the EU rejection of lifting the embargo on arms sale to China show greater US/EU solidarity?
15. Nuclear Energy: Does it have a role in world energy production in the 21st century?