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March 22, 2004

1. Iraq one year later: Are things better or worse?

2. Will the Israeli assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin cause more violence?

3. Is Ohio going to be the deciding factor in the presidential election?

4. Is the Bush administration's attacks on former counter-terrorism czar Richard A. Clarke a form of character assassination?

5. Is Pakistan handling Al-Qaeda sufficiently?

6. Can Howard Dean's new organization remain viable?

7. Was the FBI surveillance of John Kerry in the early 1970s a "badge of honor"?

8. Should people who are arrested be required to identify themselves?

9. Should the Louisiana principal who gave students an anti-testing prayer be disciplined?

10. Can Tony Blair keep support for British troops in Iraq?

11. Will Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani's opposition to the interim Iraqi constitution going to be a deal breaker? 

12. Can Nepal avoid Civil War?

13. Will France's shift to the left going to help the French budget deficit?

14. Is Afghanistan prepared for parliamentary elections?

15. Can Thabo Mbeki win re-election in South Africa?