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March 28th, 2005

1. Would the sale of F-16s to Pakistan serve US interest in the region?
2. Will DVD Jon force iTunes to reconsider the use of DRM?
3. Does the sending of UN peacekeepers to Southern Sudan show that support is building for intervention in the Darfur region?
4. Is the African Union an appropriate overseer for a tribunal on war crimes in Darfur?
5. Terri Schiavo: Are religious conservative hungry for attention or do they have legitimate concerns?
6. Does the raising of the enlistment age for reservists a harbinger for reinstatment of Selective Service?
7. Is Pakistan using it's relationship with the US to help commit espionage?
8. Will the gender inbalance of the survivors of the Southeast Asian tsunami make long term changes in the social structure of those countries?
9. Jerry Springer: An inciteful, unique voice on radio or bizarre weirdo?
10. Dan Glickman: Jack Valenti Redux??
11. Will the PSP be hit for Sony or another Betamax?
12. Mukhtar Mai: Is her work galvanizing women's rights in Pakistan?
13. Does the shooting by Jeff Weise in Red Lake demonstrate a resurgence in radicalism amongst Native Americans?
14. Is inflation back?
15. Who is in charge of Kyrgystan?