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March 29, 2004

1. Is Condoleezza Rice's decision not to testify before the 9/11 commission a political mistake?

2. Does Massachusetts's decision to ban gay marriage end the controversy?

3. Richard Clarke's testimony: Sincere criticism of the Bush administration or book selling ploy?

4. Should the delay of Afghan elections cause worry?

5. Can Vladmir Putin regulate the shadow economy?

6. Should the United States have attempted to kill Osama Bin Laden?

7. Can President Chen run a legitimate government?

8. Is North Africa the new refuge for Al-Qaeda?

9. Will the shutdown of the Shiite publication, Al Hawza, by the Coalition Provisional Authority for two months cause more problems?

10. Is John Kerry prepared to tackle national technological policy?

11. Would John Kerry's tax proposals save jobs?

12. Is President Bush joking about the missing WMD's funny?

13. Can Vincente Fox reform Mexico's justice system?

14. Is the lack of known WMD's in Iraq a "cancer" on the Bush administration?

15. Will Froogle allow Google to keep ahead of the competition?