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April 1, 2008

1. What should the be done about mortgage failures in the United States?

2. Will the lack of a clear end to the Democratic primary harm or help John McCain?

3. Are the Summer Olympics a dog and pony show for China?

4. Will the economic stimulus package succeed or is it going to be money down a rat hole?

5. How much longer will the US embargo of Cuba last?

6. Are North Korea's calls for preemptive strikes against South Korea merely posturing?

7. How much longer can Pervez Musharraf cling to power?

8. What reforms does the presidential primary system need?

9. What does Blu-ray defeating HD-DVD mean for the tech industry?

10. Can Turkey resolve the divide between religion and secular life?

11. How much longer will the Democratic Presidential Primaries last?

12. Why did the socialists prevail in the recent Spanish parliamentary elections?

13. What is the legacy of Fidel Castro?

14. Can John McCain overcome the huge funding raising advantage of the Democratic candidates?

15. Why is Ralph Nader running for President again?