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April 4th , 2005

1. How will Wolfowitz change the World Bank?
2. Will the doubling of the space quote for Gmail be an insurmountable obstacle to Google's competitors?
3. Has the 8.7 Aftershock in Indonesia overwhelmed relief for an already devastated region?
4. Will an autopsy resolve the controversy over Terri Schiavo's death?
5. Pope John Paul II: Will he be better remembered for his secular or religious accomplishments?
6. Does Sandy Berger's admission to destroying classified documents show that the Clinton Administration was negligent in their role in defending against terrorism?
7. Was the CIA "dead wrong" on Iraq intelligence?
8. Minuteman Project: A disaster waiting to happen?
9. Does Robert Mugabe's vow to rule to 100 show a further crackdown on dissent?
10. Who will be the next Pope?
11. Will decision of Ted Koppel to step down from "Nightline" continue the decline of network news?
12. Does the election of a Sunni as a Speaker of the National Assembly show willingness to share power in Iraq?
13. Is the crackdown on piracy of copyrighted music and movie in Sweden just for show?
14. What will be the voting issues in the May 5th British General Election?
15. Is it time for an African Pope?