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April 5, 2004

1. Did Sun Microsystems get a good deal with Microsoft?

2. Google's email proposal: A cunning proposal or nonsensical loss leader?

3. Was Condoleezza Rice's decision to testify publicly thanks to public pressure?

4. Should more investigation have been done with the "Curveball" WMD informant?

5. Has China done enough to reassure Hong Kong that civil rights are being retained?

6. Should Ariel Sharon resign amongst fraud allegations?

7. Is Russia's security concerns of the expansion of NATO justified?

8. Can the German Government implement Agenda 2010?

9. Is the congressional highway bill election year pork?

10. Can coalition troops tame the Sunni triangle?

11. Should the Hubble Space telescope be in the Bush administration's plans for NASA?

12. Was declaring Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr a mistake?

13. Can George W. Bush sell voters on his economic plan?

14. Are issue ads going to be more influential in 2004?

15. Can Kerry push Nader out of running for President?