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April 28, 2004

1. Should the United States make use of selective service?

2. Has the Coalition made Iraq safer?

3. Is the Pentagon's policy on pictures of the war dead justified?

4. Was the lack of a public component of the questioning of President Bush and VP Cheney a political mistake?

5. Will Apple's iTunes music store and similar digital music sellers bring the end to the traditional music album?

6. What should Time Warner do with its AOL division?

7. Do the attempted gas attacks against Amman show that Al Qauda is moving towards attacking Americans abroad?

8. Should Turkey be admitted into the EU?

9. Is the United States doing enough to curb the import of candy with high levels of lead?

10. Was the UN Oil for Food program corrupt?

11. Does the Google IPO indicate that the tech sector is roaring back to life?

12. Was the controversy about the Iraqi flag much ado about nothing?

13. Has the Coalition occupation of Iraq increased terrorism in the World?

14. Is the RIAA's strategy to attack piracy through lawsuits against individuals effective?

15. Should Antonin Scalia have recused himself in the decision on the secrecy of Cheney's energy meetings?