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May 17, 2004

1. Will same sex marriages in Massachusetts increase support for a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage?

2. Should the United States tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to reduce oil prices?

3. Can the United States do anything to convince the Arab League to send peacekeepers to Iraq?

4. Will the Nick Berg beheading video increase sympathy for the United States?

5. Is the victory of Sonia Gandhi good for India?

6. Is the discovery of a shell with Sarin gas a significant discovery?

7. Will Burma create a democratic constitution?

7. Was Donald Rumsfeld's approval of using unconventional interrogation methods equate to authorizing abuse?

8. Is the United States support of the Columbian government merely for protecting oil resources?

9. Should stem cell research regulations be loosened?

10. Should Turkey be allowed to join the EU?

11. How is the United States progressed towards racial equity since Brown v. Board of Education?

12. Is the Justice Department's attempt to charge Greenpeace under an obscure law an attack to peaceful protest?

13. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger's budget balanced or is it just special effects?

14. Are P2P networks a new underworld for pornography?

15. Is college tuition pricing out the middle class?