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May 24, 2004

1. Was President Bush's speech at the Army War College effective?

2. Has the United States held prisoners in Iraq wrongly?

3. Will Fahrenheit 9/11 have any effect on the 2004 election?

4. Does SCO have a case against Linux?

5. Is there anyone who can effectively lead Iraq after June 30?

6. Did Ahmad Chalabi con US intelligence?

7. Will gasoline reach $3 a gallon this summer?

8. What should the US do to reform its foreign aid system?

9. What impact is the movement of blacks to the south having on racial integration?

10. Is the Bush administration's handling of the prisoners from Iraq and Afghanistan taking its toll on the re-election bid?

11. Will replacing Army Lt. Gen. Ricardo S. Sanchez improve the public confidence in the handling of Iraq?

12. Will the US strike a wedding or a way station for terrorists?

13. Can Kerry improve his support amongst Catholics?

14. Would having Kerry delay accepting the nomination backfire?

15. Does the United States need a larger military?