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August 2, 2004

1. Did the Democratic Convention help or hurt the Kerry campaign?

2. Should the presidential debates lower the barrier for participation?

3. Do the recent huge Microsoft dividends indicate that Microsoft paid too little for anti-trust settlements?

4. Can President Bush head off criticism on his terrorism policy by creating a national intelligence czar?

5. Is a cap on non-monetary damages a good idea?

6. Can non-microsoft software vendors capitalize on Microsoft's recent security problems?

7. Are the reports of detailed terrorist plots released by the Department of Homeland Security useful information or merely cause for irrational paranoia?

8. Did Arnold Schwarzenegger burn his bridges with the "girlie men"?

9. Can John Edwards boost Kerry to victory?

10. Has Israel caused more problems with its new settlements?

11. What can be done to quell hostage taking in Iraq?

12. Are recent church bombings evidence that dissidents view the US coalition troops as religious crusaders?

13. Should the UN send peacekeepers to Darfur to handle the Janjaweed rebels?

14. Will the downfall of Yukos harm foreign investment in Russia?

15. Can Afghanistan run a fair election in the near future?