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August 9, 2004

1. Has the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth made a dent in John Kerry's credibility?

2. Is Al-Sadr a serious threat to peace in Iraq?

3. Will Microsoft's Windows XP SP2 stave off growing interest in Linux?

4. Are Ahmed and Salem Chalabi criminals?

5. Are the killings in Darfur region of Sudan really genocide?

6. Will Venezuala's recall election be problem free?

7. Are international observers needed for the November elections in the USA?

8. Who should be the most important speaker at the Republican convention?

9. Can the PRI reclaim its hold on Mexican politics?

10. Will falling job growth scuttle the re-election of President Bush?

11. Will the weakness in job growth halt the Federal Reserve's march towards higher interest rates?

12. Will Arnold Schwarzenegger succeed in getting the California Performance Review recommendations implemented?

13. Will unpopularity of the violence in Iraq force Poland to withdraw their troops in Iraq?

14. Does the capture of Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani and Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan a significant achievement on the part of the United States efforts against Al-Qaida?

15. Apple vs. RealNetworks: Is "Harmony" a legitimate effort at interoperability or an illegal hack?