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August 21, 2006

1. Can the RIAA fix their sullied image?

2. Were the terrorism scares from the UK merely fearmongering?

3. Lieberman-Lamont: Preview for November or irrelevant local race?

4. Can Republicans beat the traditional mid-year losses?

5. How will the decision that warrantless NSA wiretapping affect the Bush administration?

6. Will growing failure under NCLB cause states to drop their standards?

7. Can a lasting ceasefire be maintained between Israel and Hezbollah?

8. Is the return of JonBenet Ramsey case a distraction from more important news?

9. Can Congress agree upon a minimum wage hike this year?

10. Did Israel violate the ceasefire?

11. Can California alter national policy of the environment?

12. Is doping rife in professional sports?

13. Can Tony Blair stave off a forced retirement?

14. Can a fair trial for Saddam Hussein ever be conducted?

15. Could a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign get the Democratic Party out of their funk?

16. Can the United States and Europe stop nuclear proliferation in Iran?

17. Cuba after Castro: A new revolution or more of the same?

18. Is Pakistan fighting terrorism or fostering it?

19. Has PBS become a victim of excessive political forces?

20. Is Mexico's disputed election an indication of lingering corruption?

21. Will iTunes growing clout force the Beatles to sell their music online?