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August 23, 2004

1. What should the MPAA and the RIAA do now that the 9th circuit has declared P2P networks not liable for the actions of their users?

2. Will the Google IPO rekindle interest in internet IPOs?

3. Is Bush's proposed movement of US troops out of Asia and Europe a good idea?

4. Is the second Swift Boat Veterans for Truth advertisement relevant to voters?

5. Should Sen. Pat Roberts idea of transferring intelligence out of the CIA be implemented?

6. Are new overtime rules going to harm the Bush campaign?

7. How has PM Allawi dealt with the Najah situation?

8. How will the Darfur crisis end?

9. Will high oil prices cause a continued economic malaise in the western world?

10. Would CAFTA help or harm central America?

11. Is job growth in the US really slowing?

12. Has Hugo Chavez been too arrogant to his opponents?

13. Is the homeschooling movement good for American education?

14. Is Bush's general condemnation of 527 groups sufficient to quell criticism from the Kerry campaign?

15. Is a national sales tax a good idea?