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California Recall Edition (August 24, 2003)

1.  Gray Davis: Can he terminate the Terminator or is he merely the Squirminator?

2.  Arnold Schwarzenegger: 21st century Reagan or merely a celebrity Governor wannabe?

3.  Is Cruz Bustamante a political clone of Gray Davis?

4.  Did the failed legal challenges harm Gray Davis' chances with California voters?

5.  Will the California recall have any effect on the 2004 election?

6.  Can Peter Ueberroth's tax amnesty plan generate any significant amount of revenue?

7.  Will McClintock or Ueberroth drop out of the race before election day?

8.  Can Arianna Huffington differentiate herself from Bustamante and Camejo?

9.  Who has the best plan to deal with California fiscal and economic problems?

10.  Can any of the replacement candidates deal with a fractured state legislature?