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August 30, 2004

1. Was Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to speak at the GOP Convention a good idea?

2. Will Zell Miller's speech at the GOP convention help Bush amongst Democrats?

3. Will the delay of Microsoft's Windows Longhorn help their rivals?

4. Will the purported hijackings of two Russian passenger jets increase conflict with Chechnya?

5. Can John Howard overcome criticism of his support of the war in Iraq in elections?

6. Will Allawi's visit to Iran improve relations between Iran and Iraq?

7. Will the deadlock in the talks between the Sudanese government and Darfur rebels get foreign forces to intercede in the bloodshed?

8. Will the French taken hostage in Iraq cause France to help the US and Britain in Iraq?

9. Athens 2004: Was it worth the money to host the Olympics?

10. What effect will the annual Census Bureau's income distribution have upon the presidential election?

11. What effects do the claims that Larry Franklin was spying for Israel have on the presidential election?

12. Is the Kerry campaign's ties to pro-Democratic 527s hypocritical?

13. Should the Florida Supreme Court declare that Terri Schiavo can be allowed to die?

14. Is Dick Cheney's contradictory stance on gay marriage going to harm the Bush-Cheney ticket?

15. Should Bush change his policy on Iraq now that he admits that he made a miscalculation?