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October 18, 2006

1. Will economic sanctions have any effect on North Korea's nuclear testing?

2. Will the Foley scandal hurt popularity of the Congresssional Page program?

3. Has Arnold Schwarzenegger terminated Phil Angelides?

4. Will Google's buyout of Youtube change the character of the site?

5. Have the cases of E. coli tainted spinach demonstrate a need for better food safety?

6. Was the indictment against Adam Gadahn meaningful?

7. Will nuclear tests by North Korea encourage other countries to test nuclear weapons?

8. Will continued problems in Iraq encourage the Bush administration to focus more attention on Afghanistan?

9. Can the appointment of Adm. David Brewer lead Los Angeles out of mediocrity?

10. Will Wal-mart discounts on generic prescription drugs keep down prices?

11. Will the film 'Deliver Us from Evil' force Cardinal Mahoney to step down?

12. Can a relaxed arms embargo against Haiti improve security in the country?

13. Who benefits from celebrity adoptions of African children?

14. Will a nuclear North Korea encourage Japan to build an offensive army?

15. Will the proposed Panama canal expansion improve the quality of life in Panama?