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November 22, 2006

1. Will the minimum Wage in the United States move up for the first time in a decade?

2. Michigan's Intiative 2: Can it renew the effort to eliminate racial preferences?

3. PS3 vs. Wii: Which will be this years' Xbox 360?

4. Could Arnold Schwarzenegger have the key to return the GOP to the majority?

5. Can Cuba avoid a governmental collapse with Fidel Castro possibly approaching death?

6. Will Iraq be able to move on after the death sentence for Saddam Hussein?

7. Can McCain become President despite the failure of the GOP in the midterm elections?

8. Does the election of Daniel Ortega imply a new resurgence in left leaning governments in Central America?

9. Is Wal-Mart a victim of a resurgent economy?

10. The GOP election meltdown: Anger over Iraq or a culture of corruption?

11. Has the United States done enough to deal with atrocities by American soldiers?

12. How will the Supreme Court deal with the issue of racial balancing of K-12 schools?

13. Will the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld help President Bush's sagging polling numbers?

14. How will the new Democratic majorities affect immigration policy?

15. Can stability return to Lebanon?